This isn't just a photo session, it's an experience

My approach

What to expect
Let's connect, fill out the contact form. I will contact you and we will set up an in person meet & greet/ planning session with you and your fur baby. In most cases We will do this in your home where the pet can check me out on their terms.
In this planning session we will discuss locations, time frames, & make sure you get what you want from this session.
— Consultation
Let the fun part begin! This is the part where your pet really gets to shine. With limitless rewards they will surly feel pampered.
— Session
The moment you were waiting for from the second you hit send on your initial contact. It's not enough to take the pictures I want to make sure they don't end up forgotten on a hard drive. lets go shopping and order the wall art! In person or over zoom we will go through your album and select your favorites.
— Ordering & Delivery

Let's get together


During this consultation we will go over what you want out of this session and decide what collection will best fit your needs. It is also an opportunity for your pet to check me out. I'm full of all kinds of new smells and I have some crazy things that might look scary to a pet that has never seen a camera before. This will be a relaxed time for your pet to smell all the things. It will also give me the chance to see what kind of rewards they might like from crazy noise makers to high value treats.

The session is all about your pet

Let them shine

We are going to let you pet put on their best show. Sessions will last about an hour but there is no time constraint. Coco here was very ready for her close up but some pets my need more time. I want to make this an enjoyable experience for the pet's as well as the pet parents.

Last but not least

Image reveal

My goal is to make sure these images don't wind up lost on a hard drive somewhere. I know this part can be overwhelming, so many good photos to choose from. I will help you narrow down your selections and give you suggestions on how they might best be displayed. Let me be your personal shopper! This meeting can be held in person or over zoom.


Faith is so talented, kind, and fun to work with. We have used her expertise on a couple of events now. I was able to get just the photo I was looking for after my father passed away and it meant so much. We had a wonderful experience and absolutely love all of the photos!


My dog is a holy terror, can we make this work?

Yes! With a little bit of patience and a lot of treats we can conquer the world. Or at least pictures of fido. With high energy "holy terrors" we can plan our session to be a little longer so we can have lots of breaks

My dog can't be off leash

I have insurance but that doesn't mean I want to use it. The safety of you pet and your people is a top priority. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to remove leashes and collars during post process.

How many pictures will I receive?

All sessions come with 10 files for social media.
The collections come with printed wall art, and more options for printable files.

Do you travel

Short answer is yes!
Long answer, My husband and I love to travel on the motorcycle. For that reason I would only travel for a session during the summer months.

How long is the session>

I don't like to put a time limit on my sessions. It gives me a chance to unleash my own creativity. It also greatly depends on your pets personality. If your pet is a pro like Coco, you can plan for 30-45 minutes. If they're on the shy side we'll reserve a few hours so we can take lots of breaks. My goal is to capture your pets personality and I don't want to be limited by time frames.

Do you have a question?

If you still have questions please email me at and I will answer them.