Pet Photography is my passion

I knew this is what I was meant to do.

I studied photography at Hallmark Institute of Photography. I like to say I'm classically trained because I learned using film. I graduated in 2003 and discovered life had other plans for me. Navigating life as a 20 something, I met the love of my life and become a mother.
In 2018 I discovered my love for my camera again shooting a friends wedding.
After 5 years of taking on every photography job that fell into my lap I've landed on a passion for pet photography.

The reasons behind my passion


My senior. Our princess. She will be 18 this year.


We call him our Friday dog, He's also my heart dog.


The one with Napoleon syndrome.


Travel photography is quickly becoming my new favorite hobby

My husband has introduced me to a new passion for touring amazing places on the back of 2 wheels. In the summer of 2021 we made our way across the country living out of his BMW K1600 for a month.
In 2022 we took 2 wheels through the Swiss alps. A trip I never dreamed possible. I can't wait to see where we find ourselves next!

Fun fact 1

I belong to the largest international firefighter motorcycle club in the world. It has opened so many doors for me including international travel!

Fun fact 2

I've owned dogs my entire life. The first dog I got to pick out I told my mom she was too ugly so we had to take her home because no one else would adopt her. She had a blue merle coat.

Fun fact 3

I own a second business making custom creations out of various materials. Quality cups are what I am known for but I love making oceanscapes as well.

fun Fact 4

Speaking of the ocean. Nature is where I long to be. From walking the beach to exploring my own back yard I love the feeling I have when I can dip my toes in the water.

The love of my life

Of course none of this would be possible if it wasn't for one of my biggest cheerleaders. My husband supports me through all of my crazy ideas and even has a few of his own. He is my rock and always encouraging me to do better.